Properly-timed Naps

Sleep is one of the most essential things that we should have. Working all day leaves us unproductive and inefficient in most things. This is primarily the reason why it is highly recommended that you take power naps during your lunch break from work or school. An appropriately-timed nap will be able to help you continue with the rest of your day with renewed energy.

The Significance of Power Naps

Although most Americans would only get less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep in a day, there is actually a simple solution to this problem. According to research, powers naps of at least 20 to 30 minutes will help improve your memory and your mood, as well as reduce your risk for heart diseases.

Things to Consider

Each one of us is different. In order for you to determine what your proper and optimum length is for nap time, you should begin with a 30 minute nap. As the days go by, reduce your nap time by 5 minutes a day. Take notes about how you feel when you awake. Choose the amount of nap time that makes you feel most refreshed and energized.

The Effects of a Power Nap

Because power naps only have limited time frame, this prevents the individual from entering the REM sleep that begins at approximately 90 minutes after falling asleep. Waking up in the middle of the REM sleep will actually result in a “drugged” feeling that you experience after taking long naps.

The Benefits of Power Nap

The feeling of being groggy and drowsy after a nap usually goes away after 15 minutes; while the renewed energy and increased focus that result from properly-timed power naps would last for several hours. Recovery time should be allowed in order to enjoy its benefits.

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